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    A strong foundation.

    Index Exchange is a fully transparent supply side platform and premium media exchange. We believe that automation is the future of media - regardless of channel - and our focus is on making that happen in the smartest way possible.

    What we do

    Balancing automation
    and the human element

    Disruptive technologies continue to ignite transformative shifts in consumer behavior, which is challenging the status quo for marketers and content owners alike. Our objective is to equip media sales organizations with the technology and support they need to thrive and grow in an increasingly volatile media climate.

    We understand that the human element is a vital component to the selling process - whether it's manually or programmatically approached. We work collaboratively with our clients to retrofit our technology to their existing systems and processes, and equip them with actionable data intelligence and supportive services to help them best represent their assets to the buyer community.

    Be a part of the future

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    We're growing fast and changing even faster. We need your help. If you believe automation is the future of all media and want to be a part of making that happen, please visit our Careers page and get in touch with us.

    Meet our leadership team.

    Joe Casale
    Chairman & Managing Director
    Joe has been involved in the R&D of ground-breaking communications technologies for more than 40 years. His keen interest in microcomputers led him to explore the emerging field of electronic communications in the early 1970s and he eventually expanded his focus to embrace the early Internet, guiding early developments in the digital content space. Joe's decades of industry experience culminated in the launch of the industry's first real-time online advertising network, Casale Media. His commitment to quality and ethical business practices has helped establish Casale Media, and later Index Exchange, as a trusted, quality focused leader in the advertising technology space. Joe graduated from the University of Toronto and the Devry Institute of Technology as an Engineering Technologist in 1974.
    Andrew Casale
    President & CEO, Index Exchange
    Mr. Casale has been instrumental in leading the evolution of Casale Media into Index Exchange. His focus on delivering benefits to publishers through mutually beneficial partnerships with the demand side has resulted in extraordinary growth for the company. He is responsible for providing strategic direction and market vision to his leadership team, and also for hands-on supervision of day-to-day corporate endeavors. He is a respected industry thought leader, and is widely sought for his expertise and opinions on programmatic and exchange-traded media.
    Alex Gardner
    SVP Platform Solutions
    As SVP, Platform Solutions, Alex has helped lead the shift to programmatic among Index Exchange's top global supply partners. With responsibilities centered around deploying custom technology solutions focused on surfacing deep market insights that drive maximum inventory yield, Alex has helped to oversee Index's rapid growth as a leader in the advertising technology industry. As an early member of the Casale Media team, Alex was able to develop and hone his understanding of digital media and monetization. Prior to joining Casale Media, Alex established himself in the heart of Toronto's financial sector, first at AIM Trimark Investments and then at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX Group). His strong background in analytics and finance have enabled Alex to successfully provide publishers with strategic solutions that maximize earnings and operational efficiency. Alex has an Honours Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Queen's University.
    Mayuran Yogarajah
    SVP Engineering
    Mayuran has been with Index Exchange, and its predecessor Casale Media, since the company's founding. He played a key role in the development of Casale Media's optimization engine, Optimax, visual reporting product, MediaNet Views, and rich media platform, VOS. Most recently, Mayuran helped to establish the company's RTB technology, which has since manifested as Index Exchange. Currently, Mayuran leads Index Exchange's team of Engineers, overseeing all activities related to infrastructure and applications development. Mayuran attended the University of Toronto.
    Jourdain-Alexander Casale
    VP Strategy
    Jourdain has been involved in ground breaking technologies since his tenure at Hewlett-Packard where he was platform architect for a multi-billion dollar global enterprise purchasing system. Since joining the company in 2003 Jourdain has held a variety of positions in Engineering and Publishing. In his present role Jourdain oversees the future of the Header Tag product group. He leads the team that spearheads ad server integrations with DFP, AdTech and OAS and manages strategic relationships with the world's largest Data Management Platforms.
    Dorothy Clark
    VP Human Resources
    Dorothy has been with Index Exchange, and its predecessor Casale Media, since 2007. As a seasoned Office Manager, Dorothy brings over 35 years of experience to the company. Her responsibilities encompass many aspects of the company's business including, Human Resources, space and facilities management, working closely with company executives and managers both in the US and Canada to meet the company's staffing, and organizational needs. She is also responsible for leading the Office Services team and the smooth operation of the day to day business of the company.
    Will Doherty
    VP Business Development
    Will Doherty oversees Business Development for Index Exchange. As Vice President, Will has helped orient client operations to New York City and establish Index Exchange as a premier global advertising exchange in the US as well as Europe. In addition, Will is tasked with building out the team in strategic locations across the globe. Day to day, his primary focus is identifying and securing new clients across programmatic platforms and digital marketers to ensure they have access to the cleanest and most premium publishers in the programmatic landscape. Prior to joining Index Exchange, Will Doherty oversaw business development for Netmining, and Takkle.com (later acquired by Alloy Media).
    Shael Fryer
    VP Enterprise
    As VP, Enterprise, Shael is responsible for leading the development, integration, and oversight of Index Exchange's large scale programmatic solutions for enterprise partners in North America, Europe and APAC. In addition, he is responsible for Index's Exchange Analyst team, which drives pricing optimization, performance tracking, and product training for our global supply partners. Shael has been with the company since 2005, and played a central role educating and transitioning publishers from the legacy Casale Media business to Index Exchange. Shael has an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University.
    Manny Goncalves
    VP Finance
    Manny is a seasoned commercial banker and a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers. Manny combines more than three decades of financial experience in the commercial and financial industries. Manny has been with Index Exchange in an advisory capacity since the company's inception. In 2010, Manny joined the company as its first Vice President of Finance. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's financial and accounting functions. Manny attended York University and the University of Toronto.
    Bridgette Grant
    VP Ad Operations
    With over 10 years of dedication, Bridgette has played a key role in leading and growing the Ad Operations team through the ever evolving ad tech landscape. Her commitment to detail and accuracy is represented in the company's reputation for quality and brand safety. Bridgette holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (HBBA) from Wilfrid Laurier University.
    Rick McCalla
    VP Information Technology
    Rick McCalla is an experienced computing professional who has been involved in cutting edge Unix based technologies for over 30 years. His experience spans the early internet well before the http web was established. Rick's work experience cuts across TCP/IP network engineering in high availability scalable systems and the associated routing and connection layers to the management of world wide enterprise computing environments. Rick has been with the company for over 7 years and his current duties involve the design, deployment and oversight of the company's world wide data centers.
    Tom Polley
    VP Marketing
    Tom works to spread the word about Index Exchange and its value throughout the US marketplace. He firmly believes that with a combination of education, execution, excellence and a little bit of effrontery, it will be clear to all. Before Index Exchange, Tom ran his own consultancy with clients ranging from startups like AdMeld (later sold to Google for $400M+) to larger endeavors like NBC-Universal, WebMD and K2 Intelligence, the global investigations firm. He has also served as Director of Marketing for About.com, Director of Production at AOL, and a variety of interestingly-titled positions at iVillage. He lives a life of comfortable cliche in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his wife Jess, daughter Annie and dog Mr. Chairman.
    Steve Sullivan
    VP Partner Success
    Steve focuses his efforts at Index on building and growing a culture of customer and partner service, and developing and improving the infrastructure required to support it. Steve believes that it’s not just possible, but also crucial, to maintain and deliver on Index’s singular reputation for customer service while managing the explosive growth of the programmatic marketplace. Prior to Index, Steve was most recently VP, Ad Security Initiatives at White Ops, the preeminent cybersecurity company, where he was instrumental in bridging the gap between the high-stakes worlds of cybersecurity and digital advertising. Prior to that, he was VP, Advertising Technology at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Senior Program Manager, Ad Security, at Microsoft. Steve splits his time and his heart between New York City and Port Townsend, WA.
    Andrew Wong
    VP Architecture
    Andrew has been with Index Exchange, and formerly Casale Media, since the first year of the company's inception. He played a key role in the development of the original Casale Media platform architecture, as well as the real time bidding infrastructure that was deployed in June of 2011 which led to the creation of Index Exchange. As VP of Architecture, he guides the continuous evolution of the Index system architecture, and oversees the Infrastructure team that is responsible for the rapid development of all server-side systems. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University Of Waterloo.
    Kristina Gubanov
    Senior Director, Business Intelligence
    Kristina has been with Index Exchange, and formerly Casale Media, since 2008. Leading the business intelligence division of the company, her responsibilities incorporate many facets of the analytical side of the thriving marketplace we operate, working with and relaying data to the buy side of the business. Through close coordination with both the supply and demand teams at Index Exchange, Kristina strives for the continual growth of strong and lasting business relationships.
    Frank Huang
    Senior Director, Product
    Frank's product team is responsible for the design and development of Index Exchange's front end, including campaign management, reporting, and private marketplace. Frank has led a series of R&D initiatives aimed at optimizing the UI and application architecture behind Index Exchange, resulting in significant performance improvements and user functionality enhancements. Frank holds a Bachelor of Science from the University Of Toronto.
    Brad Jeffrey
    Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Canada
    Brad has been with Index Exchange (previously Casale Media) since 2010 where he has played a key role in the growth of the company’s publisher base. Most recently, Brad has overseen Index Exchange’s Canadian business where he has spearheaded several initiatives, including the launch of CPAX in July of 2014. Prior to joining the company, Brad spent five years in the financial services industry.
    Zach Rosen
    Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships
    Zach oversees the development of North American sell-side partnerships with publishers and enterprise media companies. He has played a pivotal role in the development of Index Exchange's US headquarters. Having focused his career at the intersection of media and technology, Zach has extensive experience consulting the world's leading media companies on their ad trading strategies. Prior to joining Index Exchange, Zach worked in client strategy with Cox in San Francisco. Zach holds a BA in Communication Studies from Furman University.
    James Prudhomme
    Managing Director of EMEA
    James has more than 15 years of experience in leadership roles in the digital media industry. Prior to joining the leadership team at Index Exchange he was the CEO of Datacratic, a machine-learning and AI software start up.

    Prior to Datacratic, James was a consultant to large media companies including Yellow Pages Group, Rogers Digital Media and The Globe and Mail, where he worked with senior executives to establish competitive strategies leveraging the opportunities emerging from a shift to real-time, data-driven advertising.
    James is a successful angel investor and serves as an advisor to several leading digital media and e-commerce start ups.
    Lizzie Komar
    Director of Research, Insights
    As the Director of Research, Insights, Lizzie is responsible for conducting exchange-based research, informed by current events and interviews with industry thought leaders. Before working with Index Exchange, Lizzie was Associate Analyst at AdExchanger Research where she authored reports on topics such as programmatic strategy, cross device identification, and programmatic ad fraud. Prior to AdExchanger Research, Lizzie was an Associate Analyst, Researcher, and Research Associate at Forrester Research where she studied digital media buying, search, mobile, and email marketing.

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