AdAge: #FixIt! How To Save Twitter In Under 140 Characters Or Less

With the exception of Russian bots, arguably no one has been more loyal to Twitter—more devoted to it, more addicted to it, more dependent on it—than media and marketing people. We’ll just come out and say it: We love you, Twitter (or love-hate you, depending on the moment—or Moment). And we’re sorry you’ve been going through a rough patch (declining U.S. user base, shaky revenue, @realDonaldTrump). We really, really want you to thrive.

And so we asked 140 media and marketing people to give you some advice on how Twitter can save itself—in 140 characters or less.

Embrace your Twitteryness
Reject the trolls
Reward Engagement
Liz Taylor, CCO, FCB Chicago

More #adorables, fewer #deplorables.
Ana Marie Cox, host of Crooked Media’s “With Friends Like These” and contributor, The New York Times Magazine

It’s too easy to experience Twitter in other media. No #fomo for not being on it. Make content that makes Twitter a destination. #exclusive
John Elder, CEO of San Francisco-based agency Heat

Focus on the now. Tell me what’s happening right now. Trending is not enough.
Matt Eastwoood, worldwide chief creative officer, J. Walter Thompson

Three unfunny tweets and you’re kicked off. One intolerant tweet and you’re killed.
Susan Young, executive creative director, McCann New York

If I were Twitter, I would go to @adambain’s house, back up a dump truck full of cash to bring him back to oversee revenue AND product.
Michael Duda, managing partner, Bullish

That’s easy: Lifetime, non-reversible ban for @realDonaldTrump.
Seth Mnookin, director of MIT’s graduate program in science writing, and contributing editor, Vanity Fair

Since Twitter is a great forum for news as it happens it should create a “BS index” for any verified user. #unfakethenews #bullshittometer
David Baldwin, founder of Baldwin&, “a hybrid branding digital advertising mobile social media brewery thingy in Raleigh, NC” (per its Twitter bio)

MUST create Critter, a feed of cute and friendly woodland creatures we can turn to when Twitter hatred brings us down.
Jason Sperling, executive creative director, RPA

Help @jack let go. It’s one thing to run two co’s if they are healthy, but $TWTR needs a dedicated CEO to keep team inspired + focused.
Taylor McKnight, founder of event scheduling platform Sched

Enact a rule that for every mean, troll-like tweet someone sends, they have to send five nice ones.
Kelsey Nelson, director of social influence at Greenville, SC marketing agency FerebeeLane

You teach the world to write.
Winston Binch, chief digital officer, Deutsch North America

Monetize the stream with ad-supported personalized engaging content/products to watch, read, browse and buy.
Joe Hyrkin, CEO of digital publishing platform Issuu

Stop yourself from becoming a propaganda machine, we’ve got enough of those.
Rob Weatherhead, founder of Bidex, the London-based conference about biddable media

Buck the trend. Embrace the “filter bubble” by recommending more targeted, personalized content—and less of everything else.
Jes Kirkwood, content and community marketing manager at San Francisco visual marketing software company Autopilot

Twitter needs to find a mass audience: building features and marketing itself to become as sticky with the rest of the world as it is with media obsessives like myself.
Jonathan Gardner, director of marketing at image performance platform ShareIQ

Impose a get-your-head-out-your-ass rule: 10-follow limit on people in your own industry. Five for media people.
Ken Wheaton, novelist and former editor of Ad Age

Truth is now more important than ever. Twitter is full of bullshit. Verify. Verify. Verify.
Matt Eastwoood, worldwide chief creative officer, J. Walter Thompson

Stop trying to be Facebook. Accept you can be a strong utility without being a world-beater. That’s Twitter’s path towards a legit future.
Jeremy Goldman, CEO of brand engagement consultancy Firebrand Group

Find a business model that accepts the reality that everyone who wants to use Twitter uses Twitter. (Good luck!)
Peter Kafka, senior editor, media, Recode

Twitter needs to nail the problem of meaningful connections. #StopTheFireHose
Beth Monaghan, CEO and co-founder of Boston-based InkHouse Media & Marketing

Use the Open Brand Safety effort to define hate and fake news sites, then extend the mute option to block such sites if the user so chooses.
Craig Newmark, founder, Craigslist

Actively work to stop #fakenews covefefe.
Andrew Casale, president and CEO of adtech firm Index Exchange

It’s complicated. Like a migraine, but less fun. Identify the problem Twitter can solve better than anyone else, then go build that future.
Shannon Eis, VP of corporate communications at Yelp

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