Press LiveRamp’s Clinger On The Quest For A Super-Cookie

In a digital advertising world increasingly dominated by Google and Facebook, there is still a clutch of large-scaled ad-tech platforms that give the duopoly a good run for its money.

But is the two giants’ lead unassailable if those platforms continue working alone?

That is a question three of them set out to answer this May, when AppNexus, Index Exchange and LiveRamp created The Advertising ID Consortium, a big initiative to create a single pool of user identities.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, LiveRamp’s Travis Klinger explains the mission.

“Marketers today are increasingly driving their spend towards Facebook and Google because they get a full people-based experience and they have 100% inventory recognition,” Clinger says.

“On the open web, they don’t that experience. They maybe have 60% inventory recognition on and there are no people-based identifier in the bid request. So, we wanted to change that.


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