Zach Rosen

Vice President, Publisher Development

As Index Exchange’s first employee in the United States, Zach has made significant contributions to Index’s brand development and growth strategy in new markets. In his current role, Zach oversees the expansion of publisher and media company partnerships. He is passionate about how technology and automation is impacting the advertising industry and enjoys working as a strategist to connect his clients to opportunities that drive their programmatic business development forward.

Before joining the team at Index Exchange, Zach consulted for a number of Bay Area startups in the digital media and entertainment space. Prior to that, he worked on a client strategy and operations team for Cox Digital Solutions in San Francisco, following their $300m acquisition of Adify.

Zach lives in Manhattan, where he remains busy as the creator of Discovered Arts of Bowery, a collective that brings New York City creatives together through events showcasing music, food, film and visual arts. Zach holds a BA in Communication Studies from Furman University.