LiveRamp: AdTech and MarTech: The trends that defined 2019 and those that will shape 2020

Data privacy and consumer trust major topics

Thomas Edmonds, Head of Strategic Solutions at IPG and Tom Gregory, Country Manager Australia and New Zealand at lifesight provided likeminded insights that 2019 was the year that data privacy came to the fore. Edmonds observed that, “it’s evident that in 2019 there’s been an increase in focus on data privacy and consumer data protection following last year’s widely publicised data scandals and breaches including data harvesting on social platforms which have done nothing but compromise public trust.

Reviews this year from the ACCC including the eagerly anticipated Digital Platforms Inquiry together with the more recent focus on loyalty schemes, have been welcomed by the digital marketing and media industries.”

Edmonds predicts that in 2020, “with the Federal Government soon to embark on its own review of The Privacy Act on top of other recommendations set out in these reviews, it is clear that the laws and ethics surrounding data collection and use of customer data will continue as a major topic throughout 2020.”

Gregory added that “data privacy has been a big topic this year. Looking ahead changes to privacy and data usage policies will be good for consumers and the industry. The ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry recommendations on privacy and further investigation of ad-tech/programmatic supply chain as well as initiatives like the IAB data label should provide cleaner, reliable, compliant third-party data that performs for advertisers.”

Stemming from the data privacy and transparency concerns, consumer trust has emerged as a growing concern and challenge for marketers trying to balance privacy whilst continuing to deliver a personalised experience. Adele Wieser, Regional Marketing Director APAC at Index Exchange concludes “Consumer trust has recently started to become a hot topic and, though personalisation has grown into a dominant advertising strategy globally, it relies on tracking consumers in a way that is affecting their trust. Consumers are becoming more curious about their digital footprint and, we as an ecosystem, can look at this as an opportunity to focus on driving people-based solutions targeted to regaining consumer trust by giving them more control and insights into how their data is used. 2020 will see a reliance on identity based tools and an industry working altogether to ensure the shift to the open web into a trust environment is effective.


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