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Announcing General Availability of the Identity Library™

Index Exchange is excited to announce the general availability of the Identity Library™, a simple solution that extends our industry leading Identity functionality to all Publishers, regardless of their chosen header bidding solution.

Restoring Balance to the Trusted Web

Today, 60% of the total user time spent online is on the Trusted Web. However, the Trusted Web earns significantly less media spend compared to the Walled Gardens. The reason for this disparity between media spend allocation and user time is due to the effectiveness of Identity-first advertising offerings, such as Custom Audiences and Customer Match. These offerings allow buyers to easily target and reengage their key customers across digital environments. Unfortunately, these products have historically only been available within the Walled Gardens, limiting buyer choice and reducing addressability.

The IX Library, together with key Identity graph partners, began to address this imbalance by enriching bid requests with Identity data, unlocking the ability to run people-based buying on the Trusted Web. The groundwork has been laid to improve the ecosystem for all, not some. The release of the Identity Library is the next step in the journey of democratizing digital advertising.

Supporting Publisher Choice

Our investments in Identity are designed to offer partners a choice beyond the Walled Gardens. The Identity Library was developed to bring the Real Time Identity (RTI) Adapters, and their benefits, to Publishers using any header bidding technology, such as Prebid. Not only does the Identity Library provide solutions to unlock people-based advertising for the Trusted Web, it also enables common identifiers which reduce reliance on legacy third-party cookie solutions.

One Library, Many Integrations

The Identity Library is designed to operate seamlessly with a Publisher’s header bidding technology through a simple installation. For Publishers using Prebid version 2.11.0 or higher, there is no need to modify HTML code or open a ticket with your development team. Publishers simply need to copy and paste the Identity Library URL into the <head> section of their site. The Identity Library should be placed above the Prebid instance. The Identity Library will then handle everything else. For non Prebid header bidding technology, integration details can be found on our Knowledge Base.

Once the Identity Library is integrated, the RTI Adapters are activated, and Identity data is shared with the header bidding technology on page. Utilizing a presence based design, the RTI Adapters only need to make a network call if an identifier is not present. Index Exchange’s Prebid adapter will automatically detect the Identity Library, and enrich the Index Exchange bid requests with available Identity data.

Publishers who implement the Identity Library can enrich bid requests with people-based graphs and common identifiers, including:

Publishers have total control to enable and disable individual RTI Adapters within the Identity Library UI.  All Ad ID Consortium identifiers are able to be shared with other Bidding Adapters set up in the publisher’s header bidding technology. By sharing identifiers, the industry can increase buyer addressability while reducing the number of network calls, resulting in a better user experience and a better performing digital advertising solution.

If you’d like to learn more, detailed documentation is available on our Knowledge Base, or you can reach out to your account representative for next steps to implement.

What’s Next?

The Identity Library represents a milestone on our journey to democratize digital advertising. We’re looking forward to sharing our continued collaboration with Identity leading partners.

*M1 eligibility subject to approval from Merkle / Dentsu

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