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Announcing General Availability of the Unified ID Solution

Updated October 30, 2018

Announcing General Availability of the Unified ID Solution

Today, we’re excited to announce general availability of support for The Trade Desk’s Unified ID Solution within the Index Exchange Header Tag Wrapper. As this rolls out over the next two weeks, Wrapper Publishers can begin to collect and share the Unified ID Solution’s common identifier. This functionality is supported by Index Exchange’s Real Time Identity (RTI) framework, including all of the common identifiers included in the Advertising ID Consortium.

“Utilizing a common identity solution across the independent internet will improve the ecosystem and deliver more effective and relevant outcomes for all. It creates a much-needed common currency that will smooth out some of the complexity of our supply chain. We applaud Index Exchange for being one of the first launch partners of our Unified ID Solution.”
Tim Sims, SVP Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk

Scaling Common IDs for the Open Web

Today, each platform in the ad tech ecosystem maintains a unique identifier for a user, and in order to transact (bid or measure), a platform needs to “map” their unique identifier to all of their partner companies. This results in many network calls syncing platform-exclusive ids across 200+ ad tech platforms. All these network calls are inefficient and costly – they result in slower pages, an uneven playing field for buyers, and reduced bid activity for publishers.

By introducing common identifiers such as the one offered by the Unified ID Solution, as opposed to the legacy, 1:1 exclusive user mapping calls of the past, we can share the benefits of a single network call, allowing Wrapper RTB Bidding Partners (SSP Adapters) and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to augment their user match data with a common identifier.

The Real Time Identity (RTI) Framework

As communicated to all DSPs, Header Tag Wrapper publisher and adapter partners, we have modified the Index Exchange Header Tag Wrapper to include an entirely new function called Real Time Identity (RTI). This framework allows for a provisional call to the Unified ID Solution servers for an identifier that is then shared with all RTB bidding partners and downstream DSPs prior to page load. The RTI framework is optimized for speed, sharing and efficiency when collecting and sharing common identifiers like the Unified ID Solution identifier.

Image of The Real Time Identity (RTI) Framework

Sharing by Design

All parties (RTB adapters and DSPs) can leverage the value of the single network call. In the case of RTB bidding partners with an adapter, they can ingest the Unified ID Solution identifier (or future RTI-powered IDs) by listening to the appropriate functions within the Header Tag Wrapper. For DSPs connected to Index Exchange, they can ingest the Unified ID Solution identifier via the bid request sent by Index Exchange or other RTB adapters supporting RTI.

Seamless Preloading

A key goal was to infuse common identifiers into a publisher’s bid stream without impacting monetization via increased timeouts or halting pages. This is achieved via a new design that takes advantage of historically unused milliseconds between the launch of a Wrapper and when the Wrapper is ready to issue bid requests to RTB partners.

Total Control for Publishers

As always, publishers are in complete control of the Wrapper configuration. If a publisher does not wish to use the Unified ID Solution common identifier (or any RTI partner) they can simply disable the adapter via the Header Tag Wrapper User Interface.

Presence vs. Priority Decisioning

RTI adapters execute network calls based on presence – executing a network call only if the (id) isn’t present. The decision to execute a network call is not based on partner “priority” for exclusive, single platform identifiers – resulting in needless and duplicative network calls that slow page load time.

The Advertising ID Consortium and Looking Forward

We’re extremely excited to make the Unified ID Solution identifier available broadly to Index Exchange Header Tag publishers, RTB bidding partners and DSPs. As a founding member of the Advertising ID Consortium, the Unified ID Solution is one of the four common identifiers officially supported by the Consortium, and Index Exchange is hard at work building support for all identifiers into the Header Tag Wrapper. We’re excited to launch additional identifiers via RTI in the coming months.

LiveRamp’s Identity Link recently moved into beta, with general availability coming soon. DigiTrust is a top request from many of our publisher partners, and our engineering teams are actively building support for DigiTrust (including decoding the encrypted DigiTrust ID for Demand Side Platforms connected to the Index Exchange.) Our goal is to support all Consortium-compatible identifiers, and we’re well on our way.

If you have want to learn more about the Unified ID Solution, the Real Time Identity framework, and how partners can access this identifier via the Header Tag Wrapper, head over to the IX Knowledge Base for detailed documentation.

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