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Announcing New Product Features for DSPs and Buyers

Announcing New Product Features for DSPs and Buyers

Index Exchange (IX) is responsible for ensuring our buyer, DSP, and publisher partners are able to participate in the most technically efficient auction and receive auditable visibility into every transaction. 

As we head into DMEXCO, our product and engineering teams have been building a slew of features that provide tangible benefits to our buy-side partners. These features support our goal of continuing to provide the highest-efficiency exchange in the market.

Here are some of the recent releases we’re excited to share with you:

  • Client Audit Log (CAL) Service – IX’s client audit log service is a free programmatic method of accessing log-level data for all events on the IX platform. This is important for auditing transactions and gives publishers, buyers, and data providers the ability to build more personalized insights or run sophisticated data science projects. By leading with a free product, IX has reduced costs for its partners and raised the bar for others in the industry.
  • Sellers.json & SupplyChain – IX is one of the first major exchanges to implement the IAB Tech Lab’s specifications for sellers.json and the SupplyChain object. As a result, DSPs can understand each step in the supply chain a bid request takes in between a publisher and themselves, enabling DSPs to make better buying decisions for their clients.
  • Intelligent QPS Management – DSPs are often constrained by how much exchange supply they can receive per second (QPS). They still seek ways to access as much relevant traffic as possible without overloading their systems. IX created two solutions to help our partners solve this problem. First, we introduced a new set of QPS limits either by a percentage or a fixed value of traffic, so DSPs can see a more consistent QPS stream from IX to better handle traffic spikes. Second, the IX Traffic Filter helps optimize inventory sent to DSPs by reducing bid requests that historically aren’t efficient for buyers, thus allowing supply that’s more likely to be monetized to use the DSPs’ valuable capacity. This delivers the most suitable and best performing traffic for buyers, while respecting the total QPS configurations of each DSP.
  • Bid Translation – Bid Translation is a service to help DSPs and buyers transition to a 100% first-price auction environment by reducing the likelihood of overpayment on their bids. Based on auction competitiveness, price-to-win rate, and other auction signals, we estimate the value of an impression and will optionally reduce a buyer’s bid price if it’s determined they still have a high likelihood to win the impression at a lower rate. As a result, buyers who opt-into IX Bid Translation can obtain a fair price for the impression without having to change their bidding strategy based on auction type. Our plan is to eventually sunset this feature, similar to Google, and to provide additional data signals in our Client Audit Log to empower DSPs to build smarter bid optimization tools.
  • Bid Compression and Auction Speed Improvements – To further reduce the data bandwidth costs required within the auction, IX implemented bid compression to reduce the size of our bid requests by 30-40%. IX also made various improvements to our auction code that have improved speed by almost 10%, allowing buyers more time to bid on impressions.

There’s nothing that excites us more than delivering innovation to improve our partners’ businesses. Reach out to your IX representative to learn how to take advantage of these new products and features.

Partner Testimonials

“What we value most in our cooperation is the fact that Index Exchange is always among the early adopters on the market for all initiatives supporting the buying and selling of programmatic inventory. They react to all new industry trends which makes them a high-quality partner.” 
Jacek Tkaczyk, Platform Partner, RTB House


“Index Exchange’s integration of leading identity providers has allowed us to scale a unique offering that’s proven to drive positive health outcomes for patients using digital media. We view Index Exchange as a strategic partner in our mission to expand the accessibility and dissemination of healthcare information to patient and provider populations in need.”
Chris Paquette, Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer, DeepIntent


“We’re very happy to cooperate closely with the Index Exchange team in order to provide our clients a better, more transparent and efficient path to supply. Initiatives such as seller.json, bid translation and bid compression are concrete examples of good ways of developing a successful partnership.”
Filippo Gramigna, Vice President Business Development, Adform


“We have been working with Index Exchange for some time, and we find their client support top-notch in terms of reliability and servicing. The team sees to it that MainAd is aware of IX’s latest product releases and the opportunities we can get from it. Right now, our Bidder team is testing Bid Translation, and we are quite optimistic that this can improve efficiency and cost optimization in our bidding system.”
Larraine Criss, Chief Product Officer, MainAd

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