Adweek: As Third-Party Cookies Crumble, Ad Tech Works to Prep Publishers for Change

Index Exchange wants to lure buyers away from walled gardens with people-based solutions

Independent ad tech has had a tumultuous 2019, with the industry moving away from the free and easy flow of data that marked the early phases of the commercial internet. Much of these transitions have been motivated by increased public scrutiny.

Data prohibition has taken place in the form of legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation in the E.U. plus the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (among other draft laws) in the U.S.

The most immediately felt of these changes, though, is the response of tech platforms, with the such walled gardens as Apple, Facebook and Google (arguably the original targets of such regulations) already rolling up the drawbridge with independent ad tech, and publishers the first to feel the resulting financial chill.

In a bid to help ease these woes, several companies have unveiled point solutions in recent weeks, with LiveRamp, LiveIntent and The Trade Desk all attempting to underscore their efforts to ease the transition away from reliance on third-party cookies and data.

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