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At the complicated intersection of advertising and technology, Index Exchange was built to make things simple.

Our technology makes connections – between publishers and marketers, and then between marketers and consumers. Our stated mission is to democratize digital advertising – to open the doors for the people and partners who will make the future of our industry possible.

The relationship we share with those partners runs parallel to the approach we take with our brand – when we’re at our best, it is through their continued success that we shine.

As a result, we don’t feel any strong urge to self-promote. Our brand tends to be understated, elegant, clean, and perfectly appropriate to the environment in which you find us – a seamless connection between context and character. Our approach is measured, deliberate, independent, precise, and without bias. The visuals and voice of our materials should amplify these ideals, while remaining open and approachable.

This is who we are. This identity system is the result of careful thought and planning and exhibits what Index Exchange means to our clients, our team, and the world.

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IX Brand Colors

Ice White should be the dominant color in most cases representing Index Exchange, with Index Blue used as the primary accent. Blue Jay and Night Sky can serve to ground the duo and add contrast and emphasis wherever needed, and the other colors in our collection should be used sparingly and only in small quantities (when appropriate).

  • Ice White
    HEX #FFFFFFR255 G255 B255C0 M0 Y0 K0
  • Index Blue
    HEX #1D428AR29 G66 B138Coated:C79 M52 Y1 K27Uncoated:C100 M75 Y0 K21.3
  • Blue Jay
    HEX #041E42R4 G30 B66C100 M90 Y13 K68
  • Night Sky
    HEX #000000R0 G0 B0C0 M0 Y0 K100
  • Grey Jay
    HEX #AEBECCR174 G190 B204C15 M7 Y0 K0
  • Wintergreen
    HEX #88E5C1R136 G229 B193C41 M0 Y16 K10
  • Bright Sky
    HEX #2CACE2R44 G172 B226 C81 M24 Y0 K11
  • Raptor Purple
    HEX #8259F7R130 G89 B247C47 M64 Y0 K3
  • Viola
    HEX #8F8EF8R143 G142 B248C42 M43 Y0 K3
  • Header Tag Pink
    HEX #DE396ER222 G57 B110C0 M92 Y18 K0

IX Logos

The Squares:Our Primary Logo

Index Exchange Logo - Full Color
  • Also known as the Squares, our logo should be the primary presentation of our brand. Whenever possible, use this version to represent Index Exchange, except in cases where we’re not well-known or in contexts which are obviously more appropriate for the expanded logo.

    While the Index Blue Squares should be used in most contexts, occasionally it becomes necessary to use one of the two monochromatic versions for either readability or printing limitations. Use them sparingly and only when appropriate.

  • Let It Breathe

    Imagine an invisible “bounding box” equal to the height (here shown as “x”) of the logo that surrounds it entirely. Use at least that distance as a reference on how to set margins and other spacing.

    Our "R" Is Never Silent

    The small “R” enclosed in a circle that sits next to the Squares or our name gives legal notice to potential infringers that our logo and name are legally registered trademarks, and are protected under the law. This version of our logo should be used at all times.

Expanded Logo:Our Secondary Logo

Index Exchange Expanded Logo - Full Color
  • The relationship between the logomark and the logotype is intentional. These elements were combined to create a single object in motion and are only scaled together when used as a standalone mark, with the tiles never altering in arrangement or position. The weight of the square tiles directly corresponds to the weight of the letters in the logotype (as shown below with the letter ‘I’), and can also be used to determine the size of the space between the overlapping tiles.

    Let the expanded logo breathe - space around it communicates openness and precison, as with the Squares.

    As discussed with the Squares, in most situations the full color Index Blue and Night Sky Black logo should be the default. When, due to readability or printing limitations, that is not practical, one of the two below versions may be utilized. Again, please use them sparingly and only when appropriate.

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  • Using These Resources

    By using the Index Exchange trademarks and other resources on this site, you agree to abide by all guidelines set forth in our Brand Guide - in addition to any and all other Index Exchange rules and policies. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at