LBB Online: Brexit One Year On: What Was The Word on The Croisette?

Luke Fenney, VP, Publisher Development, Index Exchange
There have been various events in the world – Brexit, Trump – that have really brought a need from everyday people to have access to quality content. That has put the power back into the hands of traditional publishers. At a time when fake news, or not even fake news but lower quality news sites, are getting a lot of traction, the challenge we have in this industry is that most buyers are just looking for an audience and they don’t care where they get it from. A publication like The Guardian pays a journalist x amount per year, plus a sub editor, etc., and spend a lot of money on that. Then there are other websites that are either algorithmically creating content, scraping content or paying someone in a cheaper country to write something in poor English. Those premium publishers aren’t being rewarded for the effort that they’re putting in. Consumers are now really looking for those trusted sources.
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