IAB Canada: Can I Have A Receipt for That?

Working Together to Address a need for Transparency in Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is integral to powering premium journalism in a time where keeping informed on important issues is more critical than ever.  Having grown significantly over the past 10 years, this way of buying media is the most flexible and scaled option in existence today being used by the majority of publishers and advertisers around the world. Despite its vast adoption or perhaps because of it, programmatic advertising has been plagued with transparency issues.  With advertisers investing more and more of their media dollars into programmatic environments, transparency has become table stakes for the entire ecosystem.

During IAB Canada’s Community Uninterrupted webinar last week, Brad Jeffrey, Managing Director, Canada at Index Exchange tackled this issue head on. Jeffrey shared his thoughts on how the industry as a whole can craft a more accountable and secure environment across the programmatic landscape to ensure that transactions are easy to verify and that both buyers and publishers are given the full picture when it comes to ad spend.

Earlier this year, the ISBA in the UK teamed up with PWC and released the Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study. This study ultimately concluded that 51 cents on every dollar went to working media. But what really caught most of the attention, was that 15% of the visible costs (costs associated with DSP’s or SSP’s) were unaccounted for.

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