Cyber Monday 2020: How We’re Supporting Partners on the Biggest Spending Day of the Year

For many, Cyber Monday means filling virtual shopping carts and entering coupon codes. At Index Exchange, however, the holiday is synonymous with increased audience engagement, sky high ad spend, and close partner support, as it is often among the busiest days of the year for our partners and our exchange. It brings a flurry of online activity, increasing traffic to publishers’ pages and boosting opportunities for marketers to reach audiences at scale.

In 2019, Cyber Monday broke records as the biggest online spending day in US history, capping out at $9.4 billion, as reported by Business Insider. In 2020 — with the pandemic pushing consumers to shop from home — we’re expecting the day to make an even bigger splash, in and outside of North America. 

No matter how many records are set or shattered globally this year, Index is here to offer support.  

Our Exchange Quality team has all hands on deck, ensuring every advertising campaign running through our exchange meets the needs and quality expectations of our publishers. We use human review and leverage vendors to help us scan and block bad ads as quickly and effectively as possible. 

We’ve also built programs this year that create unique partnerships to provide cost savings, enhanced insights, and custom product opportunities, offering increased value over the holidays (and in the months thereafter) as spend increases. Exchange Fee Reduction (XFR), for instance, enables large buyers to drive down the fee Index receives from publishers on each transaction, passing those savings straight to the publisher. 

Additionally, our Engineering teams work collaboratively in the lead-up to Cyber Monday to ensure our system is able to scale effectively, preparing for higher traffic and an increased volume in ad campaigns. We also own our own metal at Index, meaning we’re not subject to cloud-based outages or challenges. Our platform is built for performance and scale — we have the capacity and infrastructure to power all that the holiday has in store. 

Put simply, every team at Index has our partners top-of-mind, on Cyber Monday and throughout the year. We’re here to make sure Cyber Monday 2020 is not only the largest and most successful, but also the smoothest to date. In other words, we’ve got your back. Now, happy spending.