ExchangeWire: Experts Predict What Monetization Will Mean for Publishers in 2019

ExchangeWire have invited hundreds of thought leaders to share their thoughts on what next year will hold, across a range of topics. Today, publisher monetization takes centre stage. Will 2019 be about publisher diversification, improved technology to fuel better monetization, or a shift of focus towards quality content?

A common identity solution

“When it comes to publisher monetisation technology, I think the onus lies on independent tech companies to move the needle – not just in terms of supporting publishers, but also in working to level the industry-wide playing field against the walled gardens. Identity will be a key piece of this puzzle in 2019.

“What does this mean, exactly? A significant amount of today’s advertising budget comes through custom audiences, or user lists within the walled gardens that allow advertisers to target specific consumers. That said, none of this information is able to make its way out of the walled gardens and into the open web, so publishers don’t see any of this budget. If we’re going to redress the balance and put more of this ad spend into publishers’ pockets, we – the independent tech partners – have to work in tandem on a common identity solution (an area in which we’ve made great progress in 2018). Every participant in the digital advertising ecosystem has far more access to identity than we think, we just need to work together to organise it collectively.

“The Advertising ID Consortium is a great example. It has allowed independent tech partners to collaborate and create an open, standardised pool for cookie and device identifiers, ultimately enabling those on both the buy and sell sides of the industry to leverage people-based marketing (instead of just cookie targeting). I expect initiatives like this will ramp up next year. Beyond identity, I’d also encourage pubs and tech partners to push the envelope a little in 2019 – ensuring we’re rewarding ingenuity, while simultaneously working to level the playing field.”

–  James Prudhomme, Head of International, Index Exchange

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