ExchangeWire: How Do We Boost Transparency in Digital Advertising?

In their latest piece for ExchangeWire, the IAB’s Display and Data Steering Group consults with its committee members, namely PubMatic; OpenX; IndexExchange; Teads; AppNexus, a Xandr Company; Rubicon Project; and Oracle Data Cloud, for their answer to the question: How do we boost transparency in digital advertising?

Accountability is part of the equation

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Transparency is essential to both the growth and sustainability of our industry. But we need to take this conversation beyond transparency and begin focusing on accountability. Neither transparency nor accountability should be a company differentiator, but rather, a shared value across the ecosystem.

The greatest current challenge we face is that there is a large amount of conversation around transparency without corresponding action. Therefore, early adopters are waiting for competitors to catch up, which slows progress for everyone. Instead of waiting, we need to start holding ourselves, our partners and our competitors accountable for our actions and promises, so we can propel one another forward.

We need to completely lift the veil on our industry’s inner workings, giving the public full access to our code and practices. The ultimate aim for everyone should be to ensure our clients and partners understand and trust our operations, and are therefore better able to hold our industry accountable.

Sara Vincent, Senior Director, Strategic Partner Development, Index Exchange

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