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Adweek: Index Exchange Brings the Ad-Tech Supply Chain Out of the Shadows

Much-needed transparency between media buyers and sellers is coming

The ad-tech giant Index Exchange has revealed a suite of changes meant to bring some much-needed transparency to the marketplace.

The offerings include buy- and sell-side auditing tools, as well as small tweaks to the auction process to keep buyers from overspending. These rollouts go hand-in-hand with the company’s recent adoption of sellers.json and SupplyChain object, two IAB-set standards that allow buyers to verify the sellers they’re working with, while also giving those same buyers a window into which parties are selling or reselling a particular bid request.

Index Exchange is one of the few major players to adopt the sellers.json standard since it was rolled out in full this past July, and taken with these new rollouts, the company is signifying, loud and clear, that it has nothing to hide—a rarity in the ad-tech ecosystem.

“It’s an ethos that we’ve been embracing since we have some really high-end publisher clients,” explained Michael McNeeley, Index Exchange’s vice president of product. “We work with really high-end publishers that have good supply, and we didn’t feel that hiding who we worked with, or hiding how they were sourced through the exchange, was something to hide, so we kind of leaned into it.”

For the first offering, Index Exchange offered an update to give its clients a window into impression-level data from the auction process, using its proprietary Client Audit Log Service (CAL). Though these granular metrics were available to buy siders on Index Exchange’s platform, the update will allow any party in the supply chain to see them, including publishers.

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