Canadian Business: Index Exchange: Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2019

Since the earliest days of the online advertising wars, the Casale family has been on the front lines. As publishers faced shrinking print revenue, the family pitched them on technology enabling them to make money from web advertising.

When Joe Casale established Casale Media in 2003, the company was one of the early entrants in the field, and it grew rapidly as media organizations hired such upstart tech outfits to help win web-based advertiser dollars.

“We’ve created a neutral, accountable marketplace enabling media companies to sell their ad space to publishers in real time,” says Joe’s son Andrew Casale, who heads Index Exchange, as Casale Media is now known (Joe is chairman). “Our technology helps facilitate transactions between marketers who want to buy a valuable ad slot for the lowest price possible and media companies who want to sell their inventory for the highest price.”

For the uninitiated, spending on digital ads works completely differently than for print or outdoor media campaigns. Advertisers bid in real time through online exchanges for the right to drop an ad onto a web page based on information about the user that’s been provided by the publisher. That’s why two people can visit the same news site at the very same moment and have completely different ads pop up.

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