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Index Exchange Drives Initiatives to Accelerate Canadian Tech

Hosting annual IX Hackathon this week, recently launched IX Labs and partnerships with Toronto’s top tech incubators.

September 17, 2019, TORONTO – Index Exchange (IX), the world’s largest independent ad exchange, today announced multiple initiatives broadening the company’s commitment to driving innovation and in particular, helping propel the rapid advancement of Canada’s technology industry. In addition to its 4th annual Hackathon for IX engineers and product team members, the company also recently launched IX Labs, a hybrid incubator and accelerator facilitating the creation of emerging technologies and innovative business lines through partnerships with Toronto’s top incubators and innovation hubs.

The IX Hackathon, taking place September 17-19, is an annual event designed to give IX technologists a space to foster their creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The event seeks to provide engineers with an opportunity to step away from their day-to-day tasks, giving them a platform to showcase their talents outside of their daily responsibilities. This year’s theme is “Code Connects Us,” and participants are encouraged to explore ways in which code can create new levels of accessibility by facilitating useful, powerful, and meaningful connections at IX and within participants’ larger communities. Participants include nearly 200 of IX’s engineers as well as partners from the greater Toronto tech community, including students from The Knowledge Society (TKS), the first external group to participate in the IX Hackathon. TKS is an innovation program focused on training teens 13-17 years old who are looking to solve the world’s most difficult problems. 

The launch of IX Labs, similar to the Hackathon, demonstrates how IX is catalyst of innovation that pushes the boundaries of the status quo in the market. IX Labs is a new division of the company looking to extend and diversify IX’s core offerings by partnering with startups in the ecosystem. Partnerships with top incubators like DMZ and MaRS Discovery District equip startups and their problem-solving innovations with practical business resources, such as office space, advisors, and go-to-market strategies for scaling their ideas.

“In the same spirit of the Hackathon, IX Labs aims to further innovate while simultaneously giving back to the greater Canadian tech community that has supported Index for many years,” said Mayuran Yogarajah, Distinguished Engineer and Head of IX Labs. “By partnering with early-stage startups, our goal is to provide ample opportunities for them to make an impact on the tech community at large. I’m particularly excited about TKS’ participation at our Hackathon this year, and am looking forward to seeing how the students interpret this year’s theme of Code Connects US.” 

As a Canadian-based and engineering-first company, IX also continues to scale its engineering presence in Canada. This year alone, IX hired more than 85 engineers in Montreal, Kitchener, and Toronto, and expects these initiatives to attract precisely the type of entrepreneurial technical talent IX seeks to add to its roster.

“Both the Hackathon and IX Labs are ways for us to reflect on our humble beginnings as a company while still remaining laser-focused on the future we’re building,” said Marc Staveley, CTO, Index Exchange. “As a tech company in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, we are continuously innovating and solving problems in our work, and want to provide our employees with opportunities to unleash their creativity beyond their daily jobs.”

About Index Exchange: Index Exchange is a global advertising marketplace where premium digital media companies transact ad impressions with accountability and in real-time. Built on the pillars of neutrality, openness, and the most reliable technology, Index Exchange is the ad exchange that media companies and marketers trust. An engineering-first company, Index Exchange prioritizes investing in hardware as well as bigger and better data centers to safely and independently store and process transactions. 

About IX Labs: IX Labs is a division of Index Exchange driving the creation of emerging technologies and innovative business lines. Launched in 2019, IX Labs explores opportunities to diversify Index’s core offering through the expertise and talents of Index’s Engineering capabilities. By partnering with Toronto’s top incubators and innovation hubs, IX Labs will continue to champion new talent, ideas and resources by solving real problems in the industry, while scaling and ultimately driving further innovation.

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