Which 50: How Index Exchange Established Itself In The Australian Market

Founded in 2001, Index Exchange is one of the oldest adtechs but it’s also one of the newest players to join the Australian market.

An analysis of local publishers’ ads.txt files shows the ad exchange has been widely adopted, despite only entering the Australian market a little over a year ago.

Speaking to Which-50 between sessions at Advertising Week, Adele Wieser, Index’s Australian Country Manager, said the business approached its global expansion in a “conservative and thoughtful fashion.”

Originally called Casale Media, the privately-owned company began to expand its operations outside North America in 2014 after it rebranded as Index Exchange.

Another critical development in its history was developing its own header bidding technology, which informed when Index Exchange would enter new markets.

“We started to make moves when the markets were showing signs of readiness to start playing with header bidding or integrating in that fashion,” Weiser said.

“We don’t do any tag-based integrations with publishers anymore. For Australia, the turning point when we started to make serious investment moves into the market was about 18 months ago when we saw that publishers were starting to adopt header bidding and therefore we knew they were ready to start exploring opportunities with Index.”

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