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Index Exchange Integrates netID in Germany

Index Exchange Integrates netID in Germany

netID unlocks addressability, increasing ad spend in previously closed environments

Index Exchange is proud to be among one of the first exchanges to partner with the European netID Foundation (EnID), an provider of the European login standard netID SSO and netID identifier. By enabling the netID RTI adapter in the IX Library™, publishers can leverage consumer authentication and consent to introduce addressability and enrich bid requests with netID’s people-based identifier, minimizing the need for DSPs to rely on third-party cookie syncing to identify consumers. This Identity solution allows for publishers and buyers to match and identify consumers more effectively within Germany.

What is netID?

netID is a single sign-on platform powered by the European netID Foundation (EnID), based in Montabaur, Germany. Its solution allows consumers to provide authentication and consent to control personal data transmission across eligible partners, in accordance with European data protection law. Index Exchange is a member of the 14-member Publishing / Marketing Advisory Board of EnID.

Unlocking addressable inventory 

Index Exchange’s partnership with netID will help buyers recognize consumers through their people-based identifier, rendering more of a publisher’s inventory addressable. As buyers shift their spending from traditional cookie-based to people-based buying, netID will help publishers increase revenue in previously closed environments.

  • For Publishers:
    Accurate identifiers will lead to higher inventory value (increase in bid density and CPMs),as buyers adopt people-based advertising and continue to shift budgets from closed platforms to the authenticated web.
  • For DSPs:
    Increases in DSP match rates (matches between DSP and Index Exchange) and greater scale in known consumers to bid on. 
  • For Consumers:
    Consumers will be able to take control of their personal data, allowing them to easily consent to personalized advertising on a per publisher basis. Publisher sites will thus contain more relevant and personalized ads for consumers. 

Transacting with netID 

When a consumer authenticates and consents through netID and visits a publisher website with the netID adapter enabled, the netID adapter checks for the presence of the consumer’s tpid using the IX Library™. Using intelligent caching to enhance page speed, the IX Library™ stores the identifier in the browser for subsequent page loads, and makes it available to Index Exchange’s demand partners and all other certified bidding adapters upon request.

Graph representation of how customer tpid flows through netID endpoint and IX Library all the way to DSPs


Additional Information

Beginning September 22, 2020, netID will be available for all IX Library™ publishers in Germany. DSPs will be able to ingest the netID identifier free of charge. The implementation of netID is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

If you have additional questions or require assistance, please contact your Index Exchange representative.