ExchangeWire: Experts Predict What Monetization Will Mean for Publishers in 2019

ExchangeWire have invited hundreds of thought leaders to share their thoughts on what next year will hold, across a range of topics. Today, publisher monetization takes centre stage. Will 2019 be about publisher diversification, improved technology to fuel better monetization, or a shift of focus towards quality content? A common identity solution “When it comes to publisher monetisation ...continue reading


Digiday: ‘Variable fees’ complicate programmatic transparency push

Any advantages to having a variable fee can be overshadowed by the complication of communicating to publishers and ad buyers how those fees are being applied to individual impressions, and the corresponding lack of transparency, or at least limited transparency, could scare off advertisers sensitive to programmatic advertising’s hidden fees. Because of those transparency concerns, AppNexus, ...continue reading


Advertising ID Consortium Enters Next Phase With LiveRamp’s First Bidstream Integration

LiveRamp, dataxu and Index Exchange launched the first commercial proof of concept for the Advertising ID Consortium on Thursday. The product places LiveRamp’s IdentityLink directly in the bidstream, skipping the cookie syncs typically required for a DSP and SSP to match against LiveRamp in a campaign. Additionally, Bill Simmons, dataxu’s co-founder and CTO, is joining ...continue reading