Media in Canada: Inside CBC’s New Brand Safety Move

The pubcaster has paired with Index Exchange to make brand-safe buys more efficient.

The CBC has taken concrete steps to ensure brand safety for advertisers by supercharging the targetability of its display inventory with Index Exchange (IX), the Toronto-based independent ad exchange. All CBC desktop and mobile digital display advertising is now fed through Index Exchange’s KeyValues feature, which enables better targeting and a more tailored advertising experience for customers.

Key Values are passed from the publisher into the IX Library where they are made available to all adapters. During the bid request process, the Key Values are passed along to Index Exchange where they can be used for private marketplace (PMP) transactions.

The move effectively ensures a greater degree of brand safety when it comes to selling inventory to buyers, creating a safe space where both advertising and premium journalism can co-exist.

Brad Jeffrey, managing director of Canada for Index Exchange, explains that Key Values is an API method which passes contextual site information, in the form of key values, between the publisher’s site and certified adapters via the IX Library.

He says, “Key Values enables the passage of custom targeting information, such as first-party data, to buyers in real time, creating an even more tailored advertising experience for consumers.Because of this additional control by the publisher, it helps ensure their brand safety when it comes to selling inventory to buyers.”

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