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Introducing Client Audit Logs to General Availability

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Introducing Client Audit Logs

A receipt for every transaction – allowing publishers and buyers to audit spend.

In an effort to standardize data delivery occurring through the platform, Index Exchange is excited to announce Client Audit Logs. The Client Audit Logs (CAL) are log level datasets, available via API that track all auction events for buyers and publishers.  

The files provide a receipt for every transaction, empowering both our buy and sell side partners to gather granular data and insight about each impression served and bid placed through Index Exchange’s platform. 

Available via API, the CAL files are available within a few hours after an auction takes place, enabling the monitoring of key KPIs. The CAL can be pulled by consolidated reporting solutions like Staq, Switchboard, Ad-Juster and Adomik or by in-house data teams. 

Our Investment

Over the last 18 months, we’ve made a tremendous investment in upleveling and refactoring our entire data system with world class hardware and tech. This means we can offer a standard, scalable solution to arm all partners with the data they need to derive more value from Index Exchange. By offering a standard, log level data solution, we are continuing our commitment to foster a healthier, more accountable digital media ecosystem.

“As an independent partner, we have found real value in the granularity of Client Audit Log data – it’s reliable and opens up new opportunities for our customers. Google provides granularity, now Index Exchange does, few others do.”
Michael Manoochehri, Switchboard CTO & Co-founder

What’s Available Today

Index Exchange is dedicated to the delivery of innovative, easy to use solutions. Here is what’s available today through the CAL:

  • Impression Event Feeds – a receipt for each auction won and information on where the ad was served.
  • Bid Event Feeds – a receipt for a bid logged by a DSP to IX.
    • For Publisher Bid feeds, IX provides top five bids submitted for each auction (by CPM).
    • For Buyer Bid feeds, IX provides all bids submitted to IX.
  • Exchange Rate Service – the ability to convert USD revenue to any currency.
  • Code Examples – code to ease the aggregation, customization and storage of CALs.
  • Mapping Services – a service to map IDs to names.
  • Full Bid Cycle Eventsbid cycle event data to evaluate the health of all bid activity.

We believe partners should be equipped to understand the ecosystem they participate in, and we’re looking forward to working together to build more personalized insights. 

To learn more, visit our Client Audit Log documentation on the Knowledge Base or you can contact your IX representative with any questions. 

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