Introducing IX Bridge: Providing Identity to All Publishers

Providing Identity to All Publishers

Index Exchange has long endorsed the belief that the future of programmatic advertising will move away from a reliance on the cookie and instead leverage privacy-first, people-based advertising. In support of this future, we launched the Identity Library in early 2019 to help bring Real-Time Identity (RTI) and people-based addressability to Publishers using any header bidding technology, and we continue to expand our suite of supporting technologies.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of IX Bridge, our newest Identity feature that allows all Index Publisher partners to benefit from a basic form of people-based enrichment, even those that only have cookie-based IDs. IX Bridge leverages existing cookie-syncing technology to bridge the world of people-based IDs and cookie-based IDs, unlocking more people-based addressability for Buyers and Publishers. 

For Publishers who can’t easily deploy more feature-rich identity solutions, such as the IX Wrapper Library or Identity Library, IX Bridge provides a solution to begin supporting people-based addressability immediately. Buyers also benefit by seeing a significant increase in people-based eligible advertising opportunities.  

The evolution from third party cookie-based advertising to first party, people-based signals has many challenges, and we believe IX Bridge will help ease the transition. While advertisers learn how to rely on people-based audiences, Publishers need to implement the right technology to enrich their media with identity signals. By providing a foundational level of addressability, IX Bridge makes it easier for any Publisher to start participating in people-based advertising today. 

Unlocking Addressability with IX Bridge

IX Bridge will immediately allow advertisers to spend more on people-based campaigns, such as IX Matched Audiences. The ability to leverage cookie-syncing technology also means that IX Bridge works with server-side implementations and supply channels, which typically pose additional challenges for people-based advertising enablement. 

While IX Bridge provides a basic level of people-based advertising, publishers utilizing the IX Identity Library will see additional benefit from our Real-Time Identity (RTI) capabilities. When managed via the IX Library Wrapper, publishers can maximize people-based addressability through our most advanced solution available and expect additional coverage of people-based addressability.

With IX Bridge, buyers will immediately see an increase in people-based buying opportunities. For advertisers already leveraging identity based signals, this increase will allow for larger budgets and more optimization. For other buyers, IX Bridge provides an easy opportunity to begin utilizing people-based audiences on any publishers they choose.

How IX Bridge Works

IX Bridge works in bid requests using our standard cookie-sync technology:

An image of a chart displaying bid request process to IX bridge people-based buying

  1. IX sees a variety of events, such as bid requests and user syncs, that contain both an IX cookie identifier and people-based identifier
  2. IX records the association between the IX cookie identifier and people-based identifier.
  3. When IX sees the original IX cookie identifier in future bid requests, IX can enrich them with people-based identifiers and products, such as Matched Audience campaigns.

IX Bridge is available and is enabled automatically now for North American and APAC publishers, and traffic is fully compatible with CCPA. 

What’s Next

Future improvements will enable IX Bridge globally with full support for all local regulations.