Business Insider: Marketers are panicking over Google’s plan to yank cookies from advertising

The IAB Tech Lab this week called for publishers, advertisers, and adtech companies to unite to create standards and a replacement for third-party cookies on browsers like Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla-owned Firefox. Dubbed Project Rearc, the effort is eventually supposed to include a consumer ad campaign to reach 2 billion people.

“Everything we do as an industry was built around cookies, since that has been the only open standard built into browsers. We need to now rebuild around new, more privacy-forward, open standards,” said Jordan Mitchell, head of identity, data and privacy at the IAB Tech Lab.

Big adtech firms that help publishers sell digital ads like Index Exchange and OpenX are pitching marketers on the idea of people-based advertising — a term that Facebook coined years ago.

Index Exchange, for example, is building a product for publishers that uses hashed email addresses to create an ID for targeting. The firm is also working on a product that lets people opt out of sharing their data.

“The cookie has always been this crutch that so much of the industry was predicated on,” said Mike O’Sullivan, VP of product at Index Exchange. “It was holding us back from being able to create a compelling solution to match Facebook and Google.”

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