AdExchanger: OOH Sellers Benefit From Longer Commutes; Match Rates Skyrocket After Index Integrates The Trade Desk’s ID

The Trade Desk and Index Exchange are touting match rates above 90% when the SSP integrates The Trade Desk’s cookie footprint into its wrapper instead of matching pixels. The Trade Desk’s CEO, Jeff Green, wants other DSPs to adopt its ID to improve overall independent ad tech match rates. “This is not an attempt for us to rule the internet,” Green told Adweek. “The fact that we’ve given this away for free is only possible because we are making money – because it does cost serious money to operate – and it is the reason why we think it’s likely the best chance to consolidate.” More. Ventures like the Advertising ID Consortium or the IAB Tech Lab’s Digitrust ID have struggled to unite fiercely competitive DSPs on a shared cookie ID. MediaMath has its own ID-targeting solution. And in a similar ID-synching deal, dataxu and Index Exchange recently became the first to natively integrate LiveRamp’s IdentityLink solution.

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