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ExchangeWire: Post-Cookie Lessons from Germany: An Industry Call-to-Action

Image of Mike O'Sullivan, VP of Product

As definitive strategies and tactical solutions begin to emerge from the post-cookie fallout, Mike O’Sullivan (pictured below), VP product, identity and data at Index Exchange, discusses what approaches publishers in the German and wider global market can take to capitalise on nascent opportunities.

This September, Firefox became another falling domino in the post-cookie revolution. Following Safari’s lead, Mozilla’s browser released a feature automatically blocking third-party cookies for 100% of their user base. As one of the most popular browsers in Germany (with a market share that teeters between 20%-30%), this shift had a material effect on German publishers’ business — in the weeks to follow, they saw a devastating 40% decline in bid rate and bidding activity from buyers.

To say there’s a heightened sense of urgency around this issue would be an understatement. Publishers in and outside of the German market are asking themselves what life, and their bottom lines, will look like in a world without third-party cookies. The thought of a cookie-less, yet addressable programmatic ecosystem is no longer prophetic — it’s a vision we must collectively champion for our industry to grow and thrive. Consumers, and now browsers, have made their message loud and clear: users want greater control and the capacity to opt out of advertising. They want to understand and determine how their data is being used, and rightfully so.

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