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Quick Stop: Integrating Deals Into DFP

There are three steps that need to be taken to activate PMP deals on the DFP side.

  1. Add in a IPM key to the order inventory criteria. We use the IPM key to associate deal ID values on relevant line-items. This can be done by accessing the Inventory tab on DFP and creating a new custom targeting.


  2. Now that the IPM key has been created, all that needs to be done is associate the dealID value to the key, for every line-item that targets the deal’s eligible inventory. Each line item will have the IPM key added to the custom criteria, with the value format of slotID_dealID. The screenshot below shows an example of a line-item targetting slotID 1for dealID 123456.


  3. Finally, the creative code associated with the PMP line-item needs to be modified. It will be identical to the creative code of any other line item targeting open market for the same slotID, the only exception being the PATTERN macro.
    PMP line items will reference the %%PATTERN:IPM%% macro. Below is the creative code that would associate with our line-item targeting slotID 1, enabling for PMP activity.

Download creative: http://headertag.com/ExamplePrivateCreative.txt


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