Setting the Standard: Building A More Sustainable Future For Digital Advertising

Image of Richard Nicolson, Head of EMEA Market

Building A More Sustainable Future For Digital Advertising

Index Exchange announced it has been awarded the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Gold Standard 2.0 Certification, becoming one of the first companies to achieve this certification.

This news comes just over a year and a half after Index secured the IAB UK Gold Standard 1.1 certification. Index Exchange remains committed to reducing ad fraud, improving the digital advertising experience, and boosting transparency throughout the ecosystem.

“Being a Gold Certified company since its inception, we recognize the importance of combating ad fraud and improving the digital advertising experience for all,” said Richard Nicolson, Index Exchange’s Head of EMEA Marketplace Development. “We are proud to be one of the first companies to earn the Gold Standard 2.0 seal and help raise industry standards around transparency.”

The digital advertising ecosystem has grappled with transparency concerns for years, but it’s made a great deal of progress.

In 2017, for instance, the IAB Tech Lab introduced ads.txt to the digital advertising industry to help prevent unauthorized inventory sales and provide a vetting process, allowing both publishers and buyers to verify their partners. As a result, buyers could ensure they were purchasing space on a premium publisher’s page.

Similar to ads.txt in its efforts to reduce fraud, sellers.json was also created to allow buyers to see and assess which tech partners and exchanges work with a particular publisher. In 2019, Index Exchange was one of the first major exchanges to adopt sellers.json which led to better results for buyers because they were able to make more educated bidding decisions.

The Gold Standard 2.0 includes more rigorous criteria standards around transparency and protecting against ad fraud, requiring three steps to become certified. A company must implement IAB Tech Labs’ ads.txt, undergo an independent JICWEBS DTSG audit, and adhere to the principles set out by the Coalition for Better Ads. This new certification sets out to not only combat ad fraud, but to increase cross-industry collaboration around transparency and standardizing consumer data, helping offset privacy and transparency concerns across the industry. Index Exchange takes pride in leading innovations, by implementing the latest standards and always maintaining transparent best practices which is why we were one of ten companies that were able to obtain this certification before release.

Richard went on to say, “One of the strongest features of the certification process is its ability to adapt to what the industry needs. This iteration of the certification demonstrates the IAB UK’s increased focus and standards for privacy initiatives. Now is the time to zero in on the core issues and invest accordingly to make the digital advertising ecosystem better for all.”

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