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Shaping Tomorrow: Insights from the IX Open Event Series

After events in California, London and Paris, we’ve officially wrapped our IX Open series. The events were rewarding, inspiring, and a true privilege to hear from our partners and allies across the programmatic ecosystem, from various markets around the globe.

Beyond the great company, we also made great progress, not only for our clients and partners, but for the industry at large. We discussed the power (and, at present, noticeable scarcity) of addressability and trust, we tracked the programmatic evolution to date and we peered through the lenses of leading brands and publishers to better understand how our products can serve their needs.

With our partners’ goals in mind, and consumer trust sitting at the forefront of our product strategy, our teams also unveiled a range of new and powerful innovations designed to foster real-time, personalized connections between brands and audiences — from Adaptive Timeout to the IX Library.

So, here are [three] key moments we’re hoping stick in your head coming out of the event:

Trust is a Powerful (and Scarce) Resource.

Image of Andrew Casale on stage giving a presentationAs Andrew Casale — our President, CEO, and invariably prescient leader — explained in his introductory keynote at IX Open, “From privacy and data leakage, to ad blocking and bad actors draining device usage, digital consumer trust is on the decline​. This represents a problem for the way we do things​, but I do believe it also represents an opportunity​ for our industry as a whole.”

Too frequently, we discuss our industry’s challenges and opportunities as separate entities; in actuality, they’re two sides of the same coin. Consumer trust is a perfect example. Though trust in digital advertising may be declining on a larger scale, we — as tech partners — have the capacity to build solutions that can restore this trust. And that’s exactly what IX’s product teams have aimed to do.

Innovation, Adaptation and Optimization Are Key.

To that end, our IX Wrapper — the bread-and-butter of our header bidding offering — is entering the next phase of its evolution, designed to bring even greater clarity and control to our partners. Having evolved from a platform product into a full-blown ecosystem, the Wrapper, officially rebranded to the IX Library, marks the next iteration of that development, with innovation, adaptation, and optimization top-of-mind.

Image of people at a conferenceMore specifically, the IX Library is comprised of three separate elements, the Identity Library, Wrapper Library and Custom Library.

In the spirit of innovation, optimization and optimization, we also introduced Adaptive Timeouts, a new feature available to Publishers that incorporates machine learning into Header Bidding. The feature increases Publishers’ revenue while improving user experience and has already proven to increase revenue on average by 25 percent.

Collectively, these innovations not only allow our partners to work more effectively and efficiently, they also serve as a testament to the power of relentless adaptation and optimization. In an ever-changing industry like ad tech, the ability to adapt and evolve at breakneck speed is key: the IX Library is a manifestation of our efforts to do just that.

Digital Advertising is Inching Closer to Democratisation.

Our suite of Identity products, as noted above, are more widely available than ever — boosting both publishers’ and buyers’ opportunities to utilize people-based marketing across the trusted web. We’re Image of a woman giving a presentation on stagemaking this possible via newly launched solutions such as Matched Audiences, which empowers buyers to reach their most important customers across high quality publishers, in real time, and our partnership with LiveIntent, giving marketers more choice with additional graph support to scale Identity and shift people-based budgets outside the walled gardens to publishers.”

Solutions like Blackbird (a universal, people-based opt out) are allowing our partners to deftly and cautiously navigate privacy regulations, and ones like Publisher Sonar are preparing the industry for the pending move away from reliance on third-party cookies. And reputable, trusted content —  delivered by premium publishers — is still very much King.

On the themes of trust and evolution, we understand that our industry’s landscape is sometimes marked by more doom, gloom and opacity than we’d like. Consolidation feels inevitable, data privacy concerns rise and the walled gardens continue to swallow the majority of digital ad spend.

Despite this, we’re hoping IX Open attendees leave the event with a renewed sense of optimism — comfort, even — in the future of digital advertising. We’re not just taking baby steps to democratize this industry and level the playing field; we’re jumping leaps and bounds.

In sum, there’s a lot to reflect on from the last few weeks, but there’s even more to look forward to in the months and years to come. Trust us, we’re just getting started.

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