ExchangeWire: Supply Chain Transparency Should Have a Buy-Side Twin

Advertising fraud has for a long time cast a shadow over the ad- and martech ecosystem, compromising everything from brand safety to industry finances, with estimates suggesting an annual loss of USD$44bn (£33.6bn) by 2022.

Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Michael McNeeley (pictured below), vice president product, demand and UI at Index Exchange discusses progress in the fight against fraud on the sell side, and how this can be replicated on the buy side to combat malicious actors.

Over the past five years, players throughout digital advertising have collaborated to reduce the impact of ad fraud in our ecosystem. We’ve deployed (or are in the process of deploying) everything from sophisticated bot filters to complete supply-path declarations, to cryptographically-signed impressions. It’s been a pretty impressive journey thus far. And, of course, there’s ads.txt, which has arguably been the easiest, most effective means of domain and app self-declaration.

You remember ads.txt, right? The simple text file heard ‘round the world, allowing publishers to declare which exchange seats are authorised to sell their domains’ inventory, giving anyone in our ecosystem the ability to verify relationships.

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