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Digiday: Supply-side platforms want to deal with advertisers directly

Brands are the belles of the ball. Supply-side platforms are the latest in a long line of programmatic players trying to go direct to advertisers. When SSPs first tried to make this move two years ago, most advertisers weren’t interested. They represented merely another vendor to potentially manage on top of several others at a time when most marketers were focused on fee transparency, not the auction transparency SSPs pitched. But today, as more marketers try to make smarter programmatic bids, they’re increasingly willing to hear SSPs out.

Ever since header bidding made a single impression available through multiple exchanges, SSPs are no longer exclusively in the business of trying to wring the most money from every impression for publishers. Now, they’re trying to run a two-sided marketplace where the most successful SSPs are the ones buyers trust enough to spend more of their money with them over their rivals.

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