ExchangeWire: The Spanish Programmatic & Martech Industry in 2019: Predictions & Reflections

The programmatic advertising and marketing technology industries are beautifully complex ecosystems which marry technological, financial and regulatory processes. Whilst key developments and trends are often discussed at the international level, it can be easy to overlook details at a more local basis, and whether they mirror, or converge from, the global norms.

To that end, prior to ATS Madrid 2019, ExchangeWire speaks to a variety of industry professionals on their views on trends within the Spanish programmatic, ad tech, and martech space, as well as how these developments reflect the global market.

Spanish programmatic industry moving at the speed of sound

“It’s in Spain that the concept of the ‘Speed of Sound’ was first introduced to the world by Ibn Hazm — he argued and calculated the speed of sound by echoes in the Mosque of Cordoba. While the concept of header bidding may not have been introduced in Spain, the programmatic industry is certainly moving at the speed of sound here. It has been one of the fastest and earliest adopters in Southern Europe.

“Today, nearly all large-scale publishers in Spain have a set-up with client-side header bidding and server-side solutions. The publisher side is very advanced in terms of inventory set-up, but the market has been much slower to make moves in other aspects of their business. For example, across all of Europe, Spanish publishers have a lower percentage of revenue from deal IDs (compared to overall programmatic spend). Though this revenue can and will evolve in the future with the rise of identity solutions.

“For the uninitiated, identity solutions — specifically people-based identifiers — allow brands to activate media directly against their CRM files. Globally, they’re bringing a greater amount of budget out of the walled gardens and into the open web (i.e. publishers’ pockets), while simultaneously providing buyers with more choice and access. They have the capacity to change the game, especially on the buy-side.

“I look forward to discussing these new common identity initiatives across Spain in the weeks and months to come.”

Charles Emeriau, Director, Publisher Sales at Index Exchange

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