Video Ads Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Programmatic advertising is evolving, and video header bidding is gaining more traction in the ad tech world. Jourdain-Alexander Casale, VP of Strategy at Index Exchange, spoke on the logistics and value of video header bidding with ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane at the Cannes Lions International Festival.

Today’s header bidding market leverages banner objects so it is limited to standard IAB size ads. By signaling video objects, monetization of all a publisher’s pre-roll and video-pod style inventory is now possible using the same point of integration. When the webpage loads and header requests are initiated, video opportunities are sent out in addition to banners in a latency neutral fashion.

“With header, now you have an adjacent solution: it can see anything, it can signal the video opportunity, and it can potentially bid into any opportunity in an agnostic way where we’re not reliant on underlying platform.” says Jourdain Casale when asked about video header bidding’s expectation to increase yield.

Video is both different and nuanced so its complexity varies depending on the case. The first step is figuring out what’s available and determining the density of the inventory. If it’s long-form video content with a dynamic configuration, the ad server layer helps to determine what is available. Once provided with a mapping of the video’s composition, bidding can occur. Header bidding is widespread so there is zero impact to page load when additional video opportunity is enabled. Exchanges return bids from the buy-side along with competitive exclusion information to ensure competing brands don’t run in tandem.

The value, as explained on ExchangeWire TV, boils down to instantaneity. Video header bidding is not like linear television; it allows for a completely dynamic and data-driven expression of a brand’s creative energy. With more understanding of the capabilities available today arises further innovation at creative agencies.

The full video can also be watched on Youtube at the ExchangeWireTV channel here.

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