Exchange Quality

Protect your brand across channels with our commitment to exchange quality.


Protect your brand across channels with our commitment to exchange quality.


Buy and sell with confidence through a safe and transparent ad exchange

Index Exchange focuses on quality, security, and fraud prevention so you can trust you’re transacting in a marketplace with the highest quality ads and inventory. We employ a global team of policy specialists and engineers to ensure all inventory and creative meet our exchange integrity standards.

Our approach to exchange quality

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Our approach to exchange quality

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Inventory quality

Enjoy peace of mind that your campaigns are running in a brand suitable environment. Through our supply quality team and anti-fraud partnerships, we screen every app and site on the exchange to check that all inventory is brand safe, all traffic is human and valid, and every transaction meets our quality standards.

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Ad quality

Protect your inventory and your business. Our policy specialists and engineers review all creative against our high quality standards, in addition to campaign auditing and technical inspection. Our threat intelligence efforts offer malware prevention that protects against creatives that are malicious or harmful to consumers.


Security and fraud prevention

We bring accountability and transparency to the supply chain. Cryptographic authentication, in-house review, and anti-fraud partnerships help media owners protect the value of their inventory and marketers keep campaigns fraud-free. These standards ensure that you’re always in good company in our marketplace. Our efforts in pioneering initiatives such as the authorized sellers protocol and sellers.json give buyers confidence in who they’re buying from and where their ads are shown.

Industry certifications and collaboration

TAG Brand Safety Certified
TAG Certified Agains Malware
TAG Certified Against Piracy
TAG certified against fraud
Integral Ad Science
The Media Trust
IAB Tech Lab

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