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While digital advertising, and the technology behind it, is sophisticated, it doesn’t need to be confusing. From streaming TV and video to sustainability and efficiency, we’re breaking down the complexities of ad tech to help you unlock its full potential.

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What Are MFA Sites and How Do They Affect the Media Landscape?

Made-for-advertising sites, or MFAs, have infiltrated the programmatic supply chain over the past few years. While the concept has existed since the beginning of digital advertising, the term “MFA” is more recent. As these sites grow in prevalence, the industry is increasingly confronted with a need to combat them. Robert Lawrence, head of product marketing at Index, looks at how MFA sites affect the publishing and advertising landscapes and how we can eliminate them.

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Today’s addressability landscape is constantly shifting. From alternative IDs to Privacy Sandbox, learn what new solutions offer and how to prepare for the future of addressability.

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There is an increased urgency for the advertising industry to reduce its carbon footprint. Tune in as we discuss how to take action and start driving toward a more sustainable future today.

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In this video series from Index Explains, we're breaking down the complexities of streaming TV advertising to help you unlock its full potential.

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