Index Exchange Inc. User Privacy Rights Request Form

Welcome to Index Exchange Inc.’s (Index Exchange or we) “User Privacy Rights” form.

About Us

Index Exchange’s technology facilitates the purchase and sale of digital advertising (ads). We host an advertising exchange (similar to an online marketplace, but for digital ads) that helps our clients buy and sell the ads you see online (i.e., on a website, mobile application (app), or over-the-top (OTT) devices (OTT means content provided over the internet, for example content over a video streaming app); (collectively, our Services).


About This Form

This web form provides you the ability to access or delete the personal information, personal data, or the equivalent terminology in your region (collectively, Data) we may have about you. For reference, Data refers to any information that may directly or indirect identify you. For clarity, Index Exchange does not collect or receive any information that directly identifies you, such as your name, email, phone number, address, etc. Our processing of your Data is limited to digital identifiers (i.e., cookies). Therefore, the Data you see from your access or deletion request made via this web form will be limited to these digital identifiers.

The process outlined below provides you with the means to access and delete the Data processed by us on your current browser. Information about your privacy rights with respect to your Data on mobile apps and OTT devices can be found on our Privacy Policy.


Exercising your rights

Access: You may submit a request to access your Data using the drop-down menu below. When you click “Submit”, a PDF will download with the information you requested.

Delete: You may submit a request for Index Exchange to delete any Data we may have about you using the drop-down menu below. When you click “Submit”, you will receive a confirmation notice that your Data will be deleted from our systems within 24 hours.

Please note, this request only applies to the browser and/or device to which you are currently connected. To access or delete Data on other browsers or devices, please follow the prescribed process for each browser/device. You also have the right to request the correction of any inaccurate Data that may be outlined in your PDF attachment, as well as the right to restrict and/or object to the processing of your Data. To exercise these rights, if you have any questions, or if you experience technical difficulties, please contact us at:

By clicking “Submit”, I certify that I am the owner and the sole controller of the browser and device(s) about which I am requesting information or making privacy elections.


Additional Information

General: Index Exchange processes Data on behalf of our clients to provide our Services. We encourage you to refer to the privacy policies of any websites and apps you use to learn about their privacy practices before disclosing any Data to them.

Data Retention: Index Exchange retains Data for as long as necessary to provide reporting related to the Services, up to a maximum of thirteen (13) months. After this time, we de-personalize Data by creating aggregate data sets that cannot be traced back to individuals. Data will be destroyed in accordance with our data destruction process.

More Information: For more information on Index Exchange’s data and privacy practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Should you wish to contact our Data Protection Officer, please contact them at