LADbible Group Sees 86% View-through Rate on Outstream Video Ads with Index Exchange  



Embracing new ad formats can offer media owners both added revenue streams and a better overall experience for their consumers, which LADbible Group experienced when it implemented outstream video ads.   

In late 2022, LADbible was one of the early adopters of Index’s outstream ad unit. A British media publisher with an audience of close to one billion, LADbible’s versatile content spans editorial, video, documentary, and live formats. With a youthful demographic of primarily 18-34 year olds, LADbible’s consumers seek engaging experiences with new media.  

Outstream video is a non-intrusive ad format placeable anywhere on a publisher’s site, including in-article and in-feed placements. Unlike instream video, outstream doesn’t require proprietary video content, allowing publishers who don’t produce video content to add it to their monetisation strategy.  

Outstream video ads can autoplay with the audio off and also expand when in view on a consumer’s screen, making for a powerful and effective format that captures consumer attention while maintaining a positive reading experience. As marketers are drawn to the engaging experience this format offers, outstream ads can result in high CPMs.  


With our outstream video ad unit, LADbible was able to implement outstream video advertising on its site for the first time. As one of the early publishers to use this ad unit, LADbible connected to a new demand source while offering a more engaging advertising option for its audiences. 

The Index outstream ad unit integrates through Prebid. This allowed LADbible to activate it on its site easily, in time for the busy holiday season–connecting them to a specialised demand pool at no additional cost.  

This demand pool came from media buyers who specifically targeted outstream video formats. Media buyers are very interested in outstream video ads because of the high engagement the video units offer. LADbible merchandised these ad units through our Inventory Packages, which allow media buyers to curate supply by specifying outstream in the deal ID.  

By connecting to this new demand source, LADbible accessed new revenue sources with higher CPMs than on traditional banner ads.  

“Index’s outstream ad unit is easy to set up, allowing us to connect to a new demand pool at no additional cost and better serve our audiences. We’ve been impressed with the consistent daily returns we’ve seen with this high-quality ad format and look forward to continuing our work with Index.”   

Ben Elshaw, director of group operations 
LADbible Group


Since implementing outstream videos on its pages, LADbible has seen  impressive results: 

  • 86% completed video rate during the month of November  
  • 47% higher CPMs compared to those on banner ads 
  • 4% additional incremental ad spend generated 

Outstream video has proved to be a consistent source of new revenue for LADbible, contributing to an overall 151% increase in revenue with Index year over year in March 2023.  

Learn more about outstream video ads with Index Exchange.  

Index Editor

Index Editor

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