IX Labs



IX Labs is the investment arm of global ad tech company Index Exchange. Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of technology across the world to solve everyday problems. To achieve this vision, IX Labs will invest in technology-first startups led by mission-focused leaders who want to change the status quo.

We invest in pre-seed and seed stage startups across FinTech, HealthTech, and IoT, who are utilizing data and Artificial Intelligence to solve problems. We believe in taking calculated risks in technology companies that share our passion and commitment to disrupt large underserved markets through innovation.

More than anything, we invest in the people and teams that make up a company. Ideas change and markets shift. We are interested in leaders who can adapt quickly, pivot to changing conditions, and share an ambition to utilize technology to help global issues.



IX Labs’ first-ever capital investment, Mero Technologies, is an IoT startup that combines hardware and software to provide a technology foundation that brings dynamic cleaning to commercial buildings. Mero’s peel-and-stick sensors, which monitor supply and traffic levels, provide real-time alerts to property managers who are able to manage custodial services much more efficiently, saving time and reducing waste. Read more here or watch the inaugural IX Labs Fireside Chat between Mayuran Yogarajah, Head of IX Labs, and Nathan Mah, Mero Co-Founder, below.



Technology has played a key role in transforming how consumers transact across a variety of sectors including banking, lending, investing, and more. Consumers are increasingly looking to transact online and control their own finances. We believe FinTech companies are poised to disrupt areas that have been historically dominated by large institutions, and will ultimately shape the future of commerce.


Technology in healthcare has given us telemedicine, wearables, and personalized medicine. These innovations bring ever increasing volumes of data which can be transformed into meaningful insights. We believe applying Artificial Intelligence to data will lead to a broad range of applications impacting areas such as drug development, diagnosis processes, treatment protocol, patient monitoring, disease prevention, and diagnosis. HealthTech companies will pave the way for many to live healthier and longer lives.


The Internet-of-Things is one of the most important developments of the 21st century and plays an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. In a world where devices, vehicles, buildings, and more are connected to the cloud, IoT has the potential to disrupt many verticals. Some examples include smart homes, connected vehicles, and smart cities. We believe IoT companies are poised to streamline many day-to-day tasks and ultimately increase the quality of life for many.



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