Who We Are

Advertising + technology. These worlds are complicated. Index Exchange was built to make things simple. We’re a global advertising marketplace where premium digital media companies transact ad impressions with accountability and in real-time.

We’re independent, with no other business interests, which is why the top companies in the advertising, marketing and tech industries choose to partner with us. Built on the pillars of neutrality, openness, and the most reliable technology, we’re the ad exchange that media companies can trust.

Introduction to Programmatic Advertising

Need a crash course? We’ve put together a helpful video that breaks down the basics so that you can navigate the world of programmatic advertising with ease. Watch to learn more about how DSPs, SSPs and automated auctions work to provide better ads for consumers and better value for marketers.

The Index Difference

  • No Stranger
    to Disruption

    An evolution of online media and technology pioneer, Casale Media, we were founded to address a market need for a fully transparent exchange.

  • Independent
    by Choice

    We’re privately-held which allows us to make decisions for the long-term benefit of our clients, not the immediate demands of investors, or for short term profits.

  • Growing
    Every Day

    Headquartered in New York City (Commercial Team) and Toronto (Engineering Team) with 7 regional offices, Index Exchange is comprised of more than 300 of the technology industry’s most innovative minds...

  • Committed
    to Technology

    We’re an engineering company at heart. While we continue to invest in our technology, our commercial team evangelizes the work of our Engineering and Product teams while providing continuous support to our clients.

  • IX Mission

    To democratize digital advertising.

  • IX Vision

    All advertising will be automated. Without bias.