Data and Analytics

Easily access the data and analytics you need to evaluate performance and make decisions that empower your business.


Easily access the data and analytics you need to evaluate performance and make decisions that empower your business.

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Boost performance with fully transparent insights and reporting

We care about transparency just as much as you do. With customisable reporting, Index Exchange offers detailed analytics so that media owners know exactly what their inventory is worth, and media buyers can see how each impression performs.

Our approach to data and analytics

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Our approach to data and analytics

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Performance data

Index’s data and analytics services provide a wealth of information to help your business perform, including data related to transactions, supply (slot events), demand (bid events), deals, and brands. With these insights, you can monitor performance, troubleshoot, track revenue, bill, and optimise against key metrics.  

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Reporting UI and API

Monitor performance and access aggregate data sets through easy-to-understand reporting. Quickly create standard or custom reports through the reporting UI or use the API for full access to data tables with easy setup and activation.


Client Audit Logs (CALs)

Gain clarity into pricing and ad spend with transparent impression-level reporting. Our CALs  provide a receipt for every transaction on the exchange, offering unparalleled price transparency and accountability. You can build personalised insights, run sophisticated data science projects, or import to other reporting platforms.

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