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Monetise your app inventory without compromising your user experience

Index Exchange connects you to global demand from top brands through our efficient and transparent exchange. With our superior technology and deep ad tech expertise, we’ll help you increase competition for your app inventory and maximise yield through unified auctions, so you can manage your app monetisation strategy with ease no matter where you are.  

The Index Exchange Platform

Exchange efficiency

Index enables you to achieve the best revenue potential for each bid request. Our exchange removes all time costs from auctions, providing every qualified buyer with equal and efficient access to your app inventory.

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Premium demand

As a preferred supply partner of industry-leading DSPs and holding companies, we provide a diverse spectrum of premium global demand so you can increase competition for your inventory.

Exchange quality

Index delivers a safe and transparent exchange to ensure you maintain buyer confidence in the integrity of your inventory. Our team of policy specialists and engineers review every creative against our strict quality standards.

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Improve bid density and drive more revenue to your inventory by helping marketers reach more of their relevant audiences. Our real-time identity framework connects your inventory and data to the graphs and DMPs that buyers trust.

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Data and analytics

Gain clarity into the true value of your mobile inventory and make smarter monetisation decisions. Detailed analytics as well as aggregate data reporting make it quick and easy to evaluate performance. Index also provides a receipt for every transaction through our Client Audit Logs, offering unparalleled price transparency and accountability.

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Integration and support

Access a full set of tools to make programmatic monetisation easy. Our expert team will partner with you to ensure brand safety, control pricing and create deals, and manage privacy and auditability. We also offer flexible integration options for more effective auctions, including Prebid Mobile.

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