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Maximise the value of your advertising across every format, on any screen

Index Exchange connects you to global demand through an efficient and transparent marketplace. Change is constant in ad tech—let our technology, data, and expertise help you deliver value to marketers, create a seamless consumer experience, and increase your revenue.

The Index Exchange Platform

Cross-channel monetisation

Monetise your display, video, CTV, mobile, and native ad inventory via a single platform. From deals and tailored inventory packages to open auctions, you’ll have full control and transparency over how you transact across each channel.

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Premium demand

Maximise yield by increasing competition for your inventory across the world’s largest agencies and marketers. As a preferred supply partner of industry-leading DSPs and agency holding companies, Index opens suppliers to a diverse spectrum of premium global demand.

Exchange quality

With a focus on maintaining buyer confidence in the integrity of your inventory, Index employs a team of policy specialists and engineers to ensure the highest quality standards. As co-authors of the IAB Tech Lab’s ads.cert protocols, we lead on supply chain security and continue to deliver a safe and transparent exchange.

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Index supports a range of addressability solutions to help you deliver a safer, more tailored consumer experience while increasing the relevancy of your audience to addressable campaigns. Our real-time identity framework connects inventory and publisher data to the graphs and DMPs that buyers trust.

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Data and analytics

Our Client Audit Logs provide a receipt for every transaction, offering unparalleled price transparency and accountability. With detailed analytics and impression-level reporting, easily access the data you need to build personalised insights and make smarter monetisation decisions.

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Integration and support

Our expert team makes programmatic monetisation easy. We’ll help you integrate on your terms, optimise bid requests, and configure inventory to meet the needs of media buyers.

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Index Explains: Streaming TV

While video advertising is sophisticated, it doesn’t need to be confusing. Tune in to our new video series where we break down all the complexities of streaming TV.

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Preparing for the Future of Addressability

Download our guide to learn how to navigate today’s addressable opportunity and ensure success in tomorrow’s privacy-first world.

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