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Curate premium content with Platinum Inventory Packages​

Consumers spend two-thirds of their time online in the open web compared to walled gardens. For marketers, maximizing efficiency while targeting quality supply remains a challenge. Index’s premium Inventory Packages ensure that you target only highly viewable media across a variety of in-demand formats. Even better, you can opt in to Green Inventory Packages to help ensure that your ad investment is carbon neutral.​

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Platinum Inventory Packages​

Platinum Inventory Packages​

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Premium content

Access high quality publishers across every region.

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Highly viewable

Apply supply-side viewability targeting for greater efficiencies.

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Direct supply path only

Trust that no inventory comes from resellers or intermediaries.

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Carbon neutral

Measure the carbon impact of your campaign and offset emissions with Scope3.

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​In-stream video

Video placements are solely in premium environments.

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