An Open Letter: Strengthening Our Partnership and Commitment to DSPs

To our valued DSP partners,

I am reaching out to reassert our unwavering dedication to your success and to reinforce our mutual commitment to collaboration and trust, in light of recent industry developments. With Magnite’s entry into the buy side, effectively becoming competitive with DSPs, I fully acknowledge the significance of maintaining strong, reliable partnerships.  

At Index Exchange, our primary focus remains on serving our publisher customers by optimising their ad spend and fill rates, and collaborating with DSPs like you to provide media buyers access to and control over premium supply. We are confident that by concentrating our efforts on enhancing publisher revenue and empowering DSPs to excel on the buy side, we will deliver exceptional value to the end customer, far surpassing any organisation attempting to represent both sides of the market. This targeted approach not only cultivates stronger collaboration, but also propels us toward our company’s vision of delivering total market efficiency.  

We want you to know that Index stands firmly as your steadfast ally, not your competitor. While DSPs focus on driving outcomes for marketers, we believe our role is to maximise yield for publishers. This distinction can occasionally create healthy tension in the marketplace, but we see it as vital to a thriving ecosystem where platforms prioritise the mutual needs of their respective customers. We are convinced that this dynamic fosters innovation, bolsters trust, streamlines the market, and ultimately results in specialised platforms emerging as leaders through the value they create.  

Our mission does not involve bypassing DSPs, buy-side platforms, or engaging in dual-sided operations. As we adapt to shifts in the market across the needs and investments of all of our customers, including our recent success in the rapidly expanding streaming channel, our primary focus will always center on the needs of our publishers.  

In collaboration with our publisher partners, we have much to achieve, and we are committed to ensuring you feel equally equipped to accomplish the same with your buyers. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing partnership and eagerly anticipate further collaboration.  

Andrew Casale
President & CEO

Andrew Casale

Andrew Casale

President and CEO

As president and CEO of Index Exchange, Andrew is responsible for providing strategic direction and market vision to the company and leading the brightest minds in advertising technology across North America, Europe, and APAC. With a sharp focus on delivering benefits to the world’s leading media owners and buyers as they tackle the world of automation, he’s built Index Exchange as one of the most efficient and transparent ad exchanges in the advertising ecosystem.

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