Life at Index: A Spotlight on Our Diversability Affinity Group

Throughout the year, our Diversability affinity group supports and educates employees on mental wellbeing and wellness, neurodiversity, and physical abilities. We want to inspire accessible innovation for all, and foster a culture of inclusion at Index Exchange.

I’m proud to be a part of our Diversability affinity group. Growing up with ‌neurodiversity and witnessing the challenges faced by loved ones in their mental health and wellbeing journeys motivated my passion for fostering accessibility and inclusion, and promoting how essential these are to our workplace community.

I sat down with our group leaders, Jason Cicchetti, general counsel, and Rachel Landau, policy specialist, to discuss the opportunities Diversability promotes and creates for Indexers.

 Where does Diversability focus its efforts?

Jason Cicchetti: We focus on promoting mental health and wellness for teams, in addition to creating a more accessible workplace for people with physical disabilities. We take a comprehensive approach to promoting an accessible and diverse culture at Index that extends to individuals navigating mental health and wellness, physical disabilities, and neurodiversity.

Rachel Landau: The group ensures Index continues to be a supportive environment for individuals of all abilities. We live by our core value, “Learn it. Then teach it,” as we take the knowledge we’ve gained to educate other Indexers about wellness, neurodiversity, and mental health awareness.

What are some of the initiatives that Diversability has led at Index since this group was formed?

JC: The group has been proud to drive many initiatives since its inception less than two years ago. We’ve hosted several internal speaking engagements where experts joined our teams to discuss important topics like cultivating balance and wellbeing at work, and coding for accessibility, the visually impaired, and neurodiversity in the workplace. Many of our employees have also become certified as Mental Health First Aiders. 

Lastly, we’ve partnered with our people and workplace teams to ensure Indexers are aware of our existing comprehensive benefits and to conduct audits for accessibility, including leveraging the Accessible Icon Project to apply accessible icons in our offices. 

RL: Another example was during Mental Health Awareness month. We brought daily challenges to Indexers that encouraged slowing down and tuning into our mental wellbeing. Some of our favorites included sharing a thank you note with a team member, keeping a gratitude journal, and taking a phone-free walk in nature. 

“I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to Index’s DE&I initiative by co-hosting a fireside chat on neurodiversity. Leveraging lessons shared in this chat, along with advice from the neurodiverse Indexers, we identified several key areas where we could make small, but meaningful, adjustments to ensure we are creating a welcoming, supportive, and equitable environment for our current and future Indexers.”

Brooke Trevino, VP, quality and delivery
Index Exchange

What’s a key takeaway from being part of this group?

RL: I’m incredibly grateful to work for Index Exchange, an organization that fully supports employees’ mental and physical well-being through concrete action. Whether it’s having this wonderful affinity group, expanding acceptable uses of our sick leave policy, or adding a paid day off to volunteer, Index creates a supportive environment for us all to thrive, regardless of ability.

Joining the Diversability core team has been such a game-changer for me. The group’s consistent support and commitment to inclusivity has empowered me in the workplace. I had the privilege of contributing to Index’s DE&I efforts by co-leading Mental Health Awareness Month this year. Hearing the positive responses from fellow Indexers during our challenges was incredibly fulfilling. I take immense pride in working for a company with such a robust DE&I focus.”

Anu Sidhu, manager, financial reporting
Index Exchange

How can someone be an ally to the group?

RL: I’d encourage everyone to listen to the lived experiences of those with disabilities to better understand the physical, social, and environmental challenges that many experience in their daily lives. Disabilities aren’t always visible, and with a deeper understanding and openness to hearing about these unique challenges, we can build more accessible spaces and remove barriers. We want everyone to thrive, no matter their abilities.

If you’re looking for a workplace that advocates for the support and wellness of employees of all abilities, learn more about working at Index.

Sarah Botherway

Sarah Botherway

Commercial Strategy Director

Sarah Botherway is a commercial strategy director at Index Exchange, where she is responsible for developing, supporting, and standardizing commercial strategy globally. With over nine years of experience working at various global media companies from agencies, publishers to ad tech, her focus has always been on ensuring a customer-first approach. When not working, Sarah loves to travel and explore different cultures. Originally from New Zealand, she relocated to the UK to experience more of the world.

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