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Political ad spend to top $11B in 2024: secure the win with inventory packages

With streaming TV ad spend growing faster than any other media type, it’s a necessary addition to political marketing, particularly as competition increases for share of voice at both the national and local level. Inventory Packages can help political marketers reach voters with more efficiency, more relevant targeting, and greater control over content and channel.

Political spending on streaming TV is expected to surpass other media channels in 2024. It’s become so sought after by marketers that, for the first time ever, streaming TV political spend will surpass investment on the major walled gardens.

Spend by channel¹

Media type 2024 2022
Streaming TV $1.8 billion $1 billion
Google/Facebook $1.6 billion $1.2 billion
Cable satellite $1.5 billion $1.5 billion
Radio $400 million Not available

Available: Globally

¹Ad Age, 2023, ²eMarketer, 2023

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Growth in political advertising on streaming TV from 2023 to 2024¹


In ad spend on streaming TV in 2024 (projected)²

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