Inventory Packages

Inventory Packages for Streaming TV and Q4 Shopping

Seasonal Streaming TV

Target streaming TV to showcase your brand during the shopping season

Holiday shopping is starting earlier than ever before. Marketers now need to start running campaigns as early as October to make the most of the most important retail and e-commerce period of the year. Key to success is ensuring that your streaming media campaigns target premium supply. Use Inventory Packages curated for streaming TV to deliver high-impact messages through premium media and content that aligns with your brand.

Marketers increasingly know that targeting premium streaming TV supply drives results. The survey below illustrates the importance of curating premium supply across marketing funnel goals.

Improvement in ROI performance with streaming TV content according to US agencies and brand marketers2

  • Improves ROI for upper-funnel goals: 64%
  • Improves ROI for mid-funnel goals: 64%
  • Improves ROI for lower-funnel goals: 40%


1eMarketer, 2023, 2% of respondents, Premion, 2023

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In brick-and-mortar spend in the US during the 2022 seasonĀ¹


Growth in e-commerce sales in October 2022, leading growth over November and DecemberĀ¹

Simplify your streaming TV buying with increased content access to:

Simplify your streaming TV buying with increased content access to:

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Unlock new inventory

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Improve content alignment

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Include signal visibility within deal structures

Target a wide variety of signals to build your streaming TV campaigns





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