New Adapter Certification Process for IX Library™

We are refreshing the IX Library process in order to make certification faster and more streamlined. Adapter providers can expect their updates and submissions to go live faster, while publishers continue to benefit from IX Library’s high quality bar, which continues to include automated testing and direct code review. 

Streamlined certifications

There are three main updates to the IX Library adapter process that aim to give partners more control and align with industry standards:  

  • Streamlined partner communication on GitHub: We are moving all adapter requests and correspondence from Jira to GitHub in an effort to streamline communication. Index product managers and developers will communicate directly with adapter providers on GitHub, eliminating the previous split of communications across Jira, email, and GitHub. 
  • Predetermined publisher beta for updated certifications: Historically, adapters needed to specify test publishers for each adapter update, which led to a lot of back-and-forth communication and coordination during testing. Now, we will test updated certifications using test and control traffic groups. This allows us to streamline testing and bring new updates to market faster. 
  • Provider-led publisher releases: Updated adapters will now work directly with publishers to release updates to production, and won’t have to wait for a scheduled launch event. After successfully testing, newly certified adapters will secure alpha publishers and drive partner communications, giving adapters increased control over their IX Library release. 

Continuous improvement

These changes are designed to streamline the adapter process, allowing publishers quicker access to updated adapters, while still ensuring a strict quality bar for providers. We will continue to run automated code testing, provide engineering-led direct code reviews, and test updates on production traffic for all certifications.  

For more information and an outline of the refreshed process, please visit the Index Knowledge Base. If you have any questions, publishers can contact their account representative, and adapter providers can contact the IX Library team. 

Index Editor

Index Editor

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