Exchange Access and Transactions

Easily connect to the Index Exchange marketplace to transact on your terms.


Easily connect to the Index Exchange marketplace to transact on your terms.

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Customise your buying and selling options with the flexibility and control you need

Our goal is to make working with Index as easy as possible, and that starts with how you access our exchange. With support for the full range of open market, direct, and private transactions, our skilled team of experts can help media owners manage access to inventory and marketers tailor buys according to their goals.

Accessing and transacting through our exchange

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Accessing and transacting through our exchange

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Integrations for media owners

Whether optimising OpenRTB bid requests for open market parallel bidding or packaging inventory for private deals and marketplaces, we offer an array of client- and server-side integration options to meet your needs. 

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Access for marketers and agencies

We partner with over 150 demand-side platforms, making it easy to access our exchange through your existing workflows and preferred DSPs. Our exchange quality team structures inventory to meet the protocols and standards of each buy-side platform to ensure efficient access to supply, regardless of format.

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Index enables custom buying options through our private auction and preferred deal capabilities. Easy deal activation makes it simple for media owners and buyers to manage direct relationships, leading to stronger and more successful partnerships.

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Inventory packages

Inventory packages enable more efficient buys for marketers and introduce valuable merchandising opportunities for media owners. Buyers can curate inventory across media owners based on audience, content category, device delivery, format, or other needs. 

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